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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pack Rat finds $400,000. CASH.

Craig Sexton of 1-800-Got Junk has seen all kinds of weird things in the many estate clean-ups he's done. There was a fridge of rotted cheese and rotted cans of salmon.

But nothing prepared Sexton for what he found in the suite above an old deli called the Lido in east Vancouver in February.

"Under a rug we found a thousand dollars," he said. But that's not all, a caretaker discovered a paper bag in a closet was filled with $400,000 in cash.

The bills date back to the 1930s depression era, making them worth over $50 million in today's dollars.

Kerridge and his business partner Paul Murrary have imagined all kinds of scenarios about where the money came from: bank robberies, Bootlegging, Nazi war criminals.

"All us Rothweilers always hang onto our bucks eh?," said Jack Rothweiler, the nephew of Margaret and her late husband, Chris.

The money at the Lido has gone to Margaret's side of the family. Much of it was made from playing the ponies and investing in real estate in the neighbourhood.

"Margaret knew how to hold on to a buck. (I'll say) Yeah,'' said Rothweiler "That's a family trait. I've got some squirreled away too."



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