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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fights over the kids religion just got more interesting.

Constitutional issues have been raised in a custody battle between a Satanist and Christian in Indiana.
They are both fighting for the right to raise their three children in their own respective religions.

Kristie Meyer has cited the religious beliefs of her former husband, Jamie, as the main reason why an Indiana judge should restrict his visitation rights. She wants the kids to go to church every sunday --- which is when teh children are with Jamie, per the divorce rights granted to him.

In a forthcoming court case in Fulton, Indiana, Mr Meyer may now be asked to prove that Satanism, which he says is about celebrating man's desires rather than worshipping the devil, is a real faith.

Meanwhile, legal observers say his former wife may have to show that Satanism - which is recognised as a religion by the US Internal Revenue Service - is harmful to their daughters' upbringing.

Mrs Meyer has argued that her ex-husband's public expression of satanic beliefs has embarrassed their children.



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