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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Autistic kids tears....deemed unacceptable.

JACKSON, SC- Gail Martin heard the shouts, but was not sure who was ordering her to leave the Buckhead Cafe.
Turns out, it was Jackson Police Chief Dennis Rushton.
He was upset that the AUTISTIC 4 year old Alyssa was crying, and asked them to "pick her up and get out of here now."

"I didn't know what he was doing," Gail's daughter Lauren said, adding "That was very mean to say -- just very mean."

Embarassed by their treatment, Gail and her daughters soon left the restaurant. "I wasn't embarrassed of Alyssa's behavior, I was embarrassed of the way it was handled," Gail said.

Chief Rushton would not make a statement, but he did say he felt Mrs. Martin's daughter was being extremely loud and bothering other customers. He admits to knowing that Alyssa is autistic. [douche]



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