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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ugly Animals should be put to Death.

EXETER, N.H. -- A cat aptly named Ugly [full name: Ugly Bat Boy] is attracting attention in Exeter, where clients say they can't take their eyes off his striking appearance. Ugly has also been known to make small animals cry.

He's bald save for flowing fur on his chest, and he spends his days on a warm computer at Exeter Veterinary Hospital.

The cat's striking appearance is normal, for him. He was part of a litter of four with a sister that looked just like him. That kitten died at only a few weeks old, but that was long enough for Dr. Bassett to become enamored with Bat Boy.

"The impression from clients that come in is he's not real because he just sits so still, and when he does move, he scares them, but they think he's mesmerizing," Secretary Hartnett said.

As you would with a heinously ugly human, staff say that Ugly has a lovely personality.



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