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Friday, February 27, 2009

Paris has turned us all into sluts, y'all!

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) February 27, 2009 -- A 2009 study conducted by the online dating site reveals that women are more likely to have an intimate encounter with men whom they have known for less than 6 hours. The poll of 20,000 women daters aged 18 - 35 asked of them to define exactly how long they would wait to engage in any type of intimate encounter after meeting a man for the first time. A staggering 34% revealed that they would wait less than 1 date (or approximately 6 hours) with a man before engaging in intimate behaviors.

Website owner Dan Levy proposes that "Women are immersed with the idea, from every media outlet in the country, that having sex on the first date is the norm." He even coined the behavior as "The Paris Hilton Effect." Mr. Levy further explains that "Hollywood and the media have really set the stage for this to be a reality. Every other image the average woman sees is of a major celebrity flashing their underwear or hanging on the arm of a different man every night. That being said, the results aren't very shocking to me."

The women who participated in the poll resided in major cities around the country. The cities included in the poll were San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. Of the 20,000 women who took part in the study, 24% stated they would wait until the second date, while 42% said at least three or more dates were necessary.



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