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Friday, February 27, 2009

Quiero tu plata, senor! tus perros son HORRIBLES!

NYP= An Upper West Side woman has filed a $500,000 lawsuit charging that her downstair's yappy little dogs are driving her nuts.

Theodore Henderson's two Chihuahuas "bark in a manner that is offensive, constant, continuous and incessant."

Paulette Taylor, 62, says in the suit that the dogs have her so stressed that she can't sleep. The suit adds that Henderson "may even be guilty of inciting his Chihuahuas to bark."

Taylor has complained to Henderson and to the management of their building at 382 Central Park West for well over a year, but they've done nothing, said her lawyer, Jacqueline Bukowski.

"We're asking for a restraining order against the dogs," Bukowski said, or "some sort of soundproofing" to block the barking from coming into Taylor's apartment, which is directly above Henderson's.

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