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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

First the Train workers are on strike now a state of emergency, wil i

The ancient city of Pompeii has fallen into such disrepair that the
Italian government has declared a "state of emergency" in a bid to
save the ruins.
Ministers intend to appoint a special commissioner to oversee the
site, and have earmarked extra funding for it.
According to analysts, the ruins have suffered from lack of
investment, mismanagement, litter and looting.
Pompeii was buried by a volcanic eruption in 79AD and was not
rediscovered until the 18th Century.
The volcanic debris preserved many of the city's buildings, frescos,
silverware, mosaics and other artefacts.
But experts complain that the relics are now in danger.
"Every year at least 150 sq m (1,600 sq ft) of fresco and plasterwork
are lost for lack of maintenance," Antonio Irlando, a regional
councillor responsible for artistic heritage, told the Corriere della
Sera newspaper.
"The same goes for stones: at least 3,000 pieces every year end up
disintegrating," he said.

The ruins are one of Italy's biggest tourist attractions, and the
newly-elected government has decided to act.
"To call the situation intolerable doesn't go far enough," Reuters
quoted Culture Minister Sandro Bondi as saying.
The "state of emergency" will last for a year



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