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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

PTown: Not Just for Nakey Sunbathing Anymore.

[an aside: to my husband that owns the furniture store with cute sheep downtown: when you decide you want to impregnate a female, I'm ready.]

Locals dudes have fled the bathhouse for a more open environment...the national shore. And poor little Timmy and his fam are NOT happy about seeing gay sex acts in the open.

Cape Cod National Seashore officials said they are cracking down on public sex acts along the picturesque shoreline. The number of citations has more than tripled, from an average of 40 to 132 last year.

Officials are baffled as to why the penny candy and drag queen mecca has suddenly become an outdoor orgy.

Recent complaints have included whale-watchers sailing past large groups of nude men, and families stumbling upon people engaged in sex acts on the pristine national shore that attracts tens of thousands of vacationers from throughout the world each year.

One complaint, issued in 2007, was from a New Jersey family walking in the dunes who encountered couples and a large group of men having “sex in the nude, including oral and anal sex right out in the open,” the Cape Cod Times reported last week.

“The majority is gay, but we’ve had issues with hetero sex as well. Families are upset and outraged,” Price said.

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