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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Some funny bits.

-->A man and two women, all nude, drove down the Trans-Canada Highway engaging in sex acts and generally flaunting themselves in front of other motorists. They were caught when several other drivers reported them to police after following them all the way into Victoria, British Columbia.

-->A couple was getting married in the Philippines and, just as the groom was about to say “I do,” a woman appeared at the back of the church and demanded the wedding be stopped. The groom walked up to the lady, hugged her, and took off with her in a taxi.

--> Out of fear that she could alienate her 16-year-old daughter if she didn’t let her have her way, a mother allowed the child’s boyfriend to move into their home in Kent, England, and share a bedroom with the girl. He’s 36. They met at a pub where he told her that she was “very mature for her age.”

--> A man went to the Anderson County, S.C., Sheriff’s Office and demanded that the officers return $2,000 they seized from him in a drug raid. He was arrested because he drove there in a stolen car.

-->A man, notorious for public intoxication in northwest Florida, went to a Waffle House in Niceville where he changed his clothes in the middle of the restaurant. Then he went outside and began beating on the windows and screaming obscenities. He told the cops who arrested him, “You know how I am when I’m drunk.”


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