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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

How sad that the Paparazzi has gotten so bad we'd Rather be Depolyed.

LONDON - Prince Harry says he’s had the time of his life — and for once it didn’t involve blondes, booze or disco lights.

The party-happy young prince has traded London’s club circuit for an isolated and barren outpost as a soldier at war in Afghanistan’s Helmand province, a hotbed of militant insurgency.

He says the best thing about his deployment has been an escape from the hungry paparazzi and headlines.

"The world could have changed," Harry said in an interview after his deployment in December. "To be honest with you, the one nice thing is not knowing what’s in the paper, what kind of rubbish people are writing."

British military officials had hoped to keep the 23-year-old’s deployment secret until he had returned safely. But following a leak on the Web site the Drudge Report, video and interviews recorded with the young royal in Afghanistan’s restive Helmand Province and in Britain before his departure were released. Good job, Drudge....did you miss the memo? Every Brit reporter kept the secret.

The Ministry of Defense says his deployment is under review.

With his red hair coated in dust, the third in line to the British throne told reporters in footage taken before news of deployment leaked out that he was eating military rations and drinking nonalcoholic drinks. A luxury was standing on a square of carpet instead of sand, he said. One home comfort he missed: sitting on a sofa.

He said his older brother William wrote to tell him his late mother, Princess Diana, would have been proud.

Harry has made steady headlines over the years — wearing a Nazi uniform, cupping a blond television presenter’s breast, cavorting with strippers and scuffling with photographers outside clubs. The 23-year-old apologized for the Nazi uniform — worn for a costume party — but has also acknowledged underage drinking and smoking marijuana in the past.

Asked whether he knew their would be no clubs in Helmand, Harry said: "I know, I’ve heard."


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