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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rachel's thoughts of the morning.

The Venezualan and Iranian presidents both blame the US for continually rising tensions in their regions. We respond by identifying them as terrorists and making threats. Sure, maybe they are tyrants, but who are we to judge, within that position, if the changes they are making are positive or negative for their people?
One this is sure: for as long as there have been men there have been disagreements; as long as disagreements, wars. War is a natural outlet through which men can prove their strength. It's part of natural selection...a necessary force in nature. If no one killed off the small crappy people, they would spread disease and force their weaker genes upon the population. No one wants them...thats why the die young, or in war, or in jail for their misdeeds.
But this is what interests me: the idea that because we have progressed SO MUCH in the last few centuries, that war, a most natural thing, is no longer safe to partake in. The stakes are too high. So we stick our noses in, not because we really care if the Sunnis kill the Kurds, but because as "leaders of the free world" it's our responsibility to make sure that the fighting doesn't get out of long as no nuclear weapons are used, so long as no other parties are involved, war is natural, and even good. It's why we've let Darfur go on for so long. It's why genocide, on small scales, is generally accepted.
A male lion will attack a pride, kill all the men and cubs, and then mate with the women. ...those lions were just better. If the original pride was stronger, they could have killed the attackers. But they didn't...and their family lines died. I'm not saying that Sudanese people don't deserve to live...I'm just saying......history is written by the victor. We are all descendants of murdering, raping, pillaging assholes. And if someone challenged me - I'd fight back. It's in my nature, as a human.
I just think it's interesting how we are forced to control things that are inherently out of our hands.


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