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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Strange substance found in Ala. bathroom soap dispenser

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - The Interstate 10 welcome center in Baldwin County is closed until it gets test results on a suspicious substance found in a soap dispenser. Alabama Department of Transportation spokesman Tony Harris said Friday the department is waiting on tests as a precaution.

The center was closed Monday because of an unusual odor in the men's restroom and because the liquid soap in a dispenser in that bathroom had an unusual color.

The center's attendants saw doctors as a precaution, but Harris said no problems were found.


Quite possibly, I kid you not, NEW SOAP. Just 3 days before a similar incident occurred on Interstate 65.
Clinton Country rest stops were complained after workers expressed concern over a new color in the materials collected in the soap dispenser.

On-scene tests revealed the substance was a soap product, but not the normal soap used in the restroom soap dispensers. ALDOT officials are exploring whether a product labeling mistake caused the confusion.

The on-scene tests were conducted by the Alabama National Guard’s Civil Response Team based in Montgomery. Additional tests may help confirm if a product labeling mistake resulted in a different soap being used.

But back to Baldwin: Pending final test results, ALDOT officials hope to open the Baldwin County welcome center on Wednesday.

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