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Monday, March 9, 2009

Obama auto task force members to drive GM's Volt

DETROIT (AP) — Members of Obama's autos task force will test drive the Chevrolet Volt rechargeable electric car when they visit the Detroit area on Monday, an administration official said Sunday.

GM and Chrysler are living on $17.4 billion in government loans approved by the Bush administration last year, and they have asked for a total of $39 billion. Obama appointed the task force to review the automakers' viability plans and decide if they should get additional aid.

GM is working on advanced lithium-ion battery packs for the Volt, which the company has promised will be able to go 40 miles on a single charge from a home outlet. After that, a 1.4-liter internal-combustion engine will kick in to generate electricity to extend the car's range.

Struggling GM has promised to have the car in showrooms late next year.



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