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Sunday, February 1, 2009

My state, the alcoholics.

Union Leader- Apparently unphased by the looming financial crisis, New England Alcoholics are flocking to the Live Free or Die state to buy cheap spirits. Liquor sales in New Hampshire are up -- about 4 percent higher than last year at this time, according to Mark Bodi, chairman of the New Hampshire State Liquor Commission. And profits are up even more, about 8 percent.

Bodi says that's partly due to out-of-state customers -- who represent nearly half of NHSLC annual sales -- taking advantage of the state's value pricing.
"Just as consumers are moving from Macy's to Marshall's and the like, and are seeking more value, so, too, is this out-of-state segment who shops in our stores," Bodi said.

The liquor commission is "aggressively marketing" its products, he went on, "so we can capitalize on this opportunity, and to leverage this unique value position that a down economy presents."
Of course, fine wine sales are down. Beer sales are trending up after being flat for 5 years.

Says Bodi: "Beer is now seeing a slight reversal in that trend, as many consumers kind of come back home to their favorite brew ... because of the price advantage that beer holds over spirits and wine," he said.

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