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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

OMG! I think He Came in My Eye!

January 26, 2009 - As if you did not utilize it enough in your spare time, there is a new reason to stay home and jerk off.....even better than technicolor.

Hong Kong filmmakers are in the planning stages for their upcoming pornographic movie, 3D Sex and Zen, which will begin filming in April. With a budget of $4 million, the project is actually a remake of the original Sex and Zen movie, one of Hong Kong's best known erotic films. 3D! Sex! Sex in 3D!

"Just imagine that you'll be watching it as if you were sitting beside the bed," Producer Stephen Shiu Jnr told the Sunday Morning Post. "There will be many close-ups. It will look as if the actresses are only a few centimetres from the audience."

A special effects company, one that has worked on blockbusters including The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D, is being brought in to produce the 3D imagery for the film. While other markets will probably just get a home version, in Hong Kong this cinematic masterpiece will be released in theaters. Bring it on, Paul Reiser.

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