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Saturday, January 24, 2009

holy shit its batman

While Batman was holding up a Tulsa, Okla grocery store, a peon stepped in to hold the guman until police arrived.

A surveillance video captured several minutes of the struggle as the customer, Craig Stutzman, single-handedly wrestled the robber across the store before finally pinning the phony Batman to the ground in the store's parking lot.

The 44-year-old "American Hero" is also an American Airlines mechanic. He was at the Food Pyramid to buy some dog food. What a man.

The robber, Tony Leroy Cleveland, waved a loaded gun at customers and store employees, herding them to the front of the store.

According to Tulsa police reports, when a customer ducked behind a counter, Cleveland fired the gun, missing the customer's head by mere inches.
The gun then jammed, and that's when Stutzman seized his opportunity.

Of course he was pistol whipped at least half a dozen times, but Stutzman told the Tulsa paper, "You know, it just happened. There's no big thing about it."



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