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Saturday, January 31, 2009

economic woes hit prada loving sligs.

LOS ANGELES (Reuters Life!) - Trophy wives are angry. Their clothing allowance has been halved, they've had to fire their personal trainers and their sex lives have tanked.
Who are these downtrodden? The wives and girlfriends of bankers. And now they have a website through which to share their tribulations.

Dating A Banker Anonymous
Not sure if its a marketing stunt of not, but it is fabulous.

"The sitter's hours are cut, both the family and my private credit card are cut in half, and I'm switching from having my facials and massages in my earthy, yoga-and-wine serving downtown spa to a midtown been-in-business-forever place with ladies in cubbies wearing pink jackets and lots of make-up giving facials only," says one entry from Cathy, who wrote about life in Manhattan with a banker husband whose income was cut in January by 75 percent.



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