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Friday, December 19, 2008

Shoe Thrower is new Mohhamed

CAIRO (Reuters) - An Egyptian man offered his 20-year-old daughter in marriage to Iraqi journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi this Wednesday. al-Zaidi is famous for THROWING HIS SHOES at Bush in Baghdad on Sunday.

The daughter, Amal Saad Gumaa, said she agreed with the idea. "This is something that would honor me. I would like to live in Iraq, especially if I were attached to this hero," she told Reuters by telephone.

Her father, Saad Gumaa, said he had called Dergham, Zaidi's brother, to tell him of the offer. "I find nothing more valuable than my daughter to offer to him, and I am prepared to provide her with everything needed for marriage," he added.

Zaidi's gesture has struck a chord across the Arab world, where President Bush is widely despised for invading Iraq in 2003 and for his support for Israel.

Zaidi's response to the proposal was not immediately clear.

just as a reminder:

DONT WORRY ABOUT IT?!?!?! I love this man.



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