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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

sluts wear spandex.

JUBA, Sudan (Reuters) - South Sudan is cracking down on one of the largest problems in the nation since the Janjaweed: young women wearing tight trousers.

Police arrested dozens of women -- many on their way home from church -- in the capital Juba last week on charges of disturbing the peace. Guess the men just can't take a bit of ass. Officers said the clothing proved they belonged to youth gangs. I'd say yes, if those gangs are Shakira aficionados.

This comes after Juba county commissioner Albert Pitia Redentore banned all displays of gang behavior-- a threat to traditional values.

A government statement said Redentore was removed form office by President Salva Kiir Friday.

Which is excellent, because how in gods name are these men gonna have anything to jerk off to if everyone in Sudan starts wearing garbage bag dresses.


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