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Monday, September 29, 2008

email from mom.

on the Deerfield Fair:

Last year I noticed that the floral dept. gave out a lot of ribbons. I think every miniature arrangement got one. Being greedy, I plan to make a tiny bouquet and an arrangement in an unusual container. The flowers have to be real, either live or dried. I never expected to have difficulty obtaining flowers, but I I discovered that all the dried stems of flowers in the craft shops are fake. I haven't found any of those nice dried bunches of flowers and florists don't just sell one of these and one of those. The flowers for a diminutive pitcher will come from our gardens, if they don't all die too soon. Right now, the garden is scroungy looking. My odd container is a horrible styrofoam skull. I cut a hole in it for the flowers and hope to make it look like one of the grateful dead. I would have liked roses but I don't want to spend much on this foolish project. Instead, the head will hold the requisite 3 types of flowers: goldenrod, black-eyed susans and marigolds.



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