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Monday, September 29, 2008

my thoughts on the debate.

1. Mccain's Kennedy love fest was a SHADY move.
2. "This isnt hte beginning of hte end, this crisis, this is the end of the beginning.
----> FEAR mongering. Hate it.
3. Great Society, Great Depression, multiple references here. FUCK McCain, really.
4. References citizens against government waste. Nice, John!
5. Obama is GREAT. Takes McCains misspeaks and responds with solid "I am ______" statements. You win debate school.
6. QUOTE OF THE NIGHT.. John McCain. "It was FESTOONED with Xmas tree ornaments."
7. Obama lied about the Energy Bill. NOTHING good actually comes from it. more here
8. Yay College affordability! Yay Obama!
9. Google for Goverment is a RAD idea.
10. "I'm not liberal, I'm anti wrong-headed Bush policies."
11. McCain: "Only take care of vets and defense" gives more $$ to shitty war and NOT educating youth. DUMB
12. McCain: Nuclear power is not definite answer - may cause OTHER unkown global warming crises.
13. Obama "We have to use our military wisely and we did not use our military wisely in Iraq."
14. McC: "Noble Re-enlisters." Bull. If you're gonna get dragged back anyways, of course youre gonna take the signing bonus. Doesn't mean they want to be there, just means they know they are gonna either way. Who throws away free money? and what Patriotism lies there?
15. I need to find a pic of GOP watch party. AMAZING. [only old codgettes]
16. McC: "We can't ignore those messages of history" good, but is it enough? Not just Taliban, we failed on MANY levels.
17. Wow McCain took FOREVER to drop the Reagan bomb.
18. "Let me just make a point. I've got a bracelet, too." Great point, if your bracelet weren't surrounded by a huge amount of controversy almost from the outset.
19. McCain made a fair statement on Iran, though (maybe?) second Holocaust is a stretch. Is Ahmadinejad a real threat? Is it right to treat him as such?
20. McC: "I'll sit down w/anybody" but only on YOUR terms. Which is stupid. And wrong.
21. Obama got the SHIT out of McCain on the preconditions/Kissinger thing. Riotous.
22. Ob: "No preconditions doesn't mean you just invite them over for tea one day..."
23. Spain quote owns face!
24. S v. N Korea? What does height have to do with anything, McCain?
25. Lehrer, you had a GREAT last question!!!

some thoughts on the crowd: what a bunch of TWITS. Of COURSE McCain is condescending. Maybe even....dare I say it...MEAN. Thats the game, folks. Politics has never been pretty.
Why I still take notes on these things is beyond me, but I leave you with this one final thought:

What McCain IS:
What he is NOT:
Miss Congeniality.



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