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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

more reasons not to waste time on love.

The honeymoon period is officially over two years, six months and 25 days into wedlock, according to new research.

And by the third wedding anniversary 83 per cent say they couldn't be bothered to continue celebrating the day they got together.

The poll of 5,000 married couples, conducted by global research company, revealed that more than half feel undervalued in their relationship.

Seven in 10 men admit they are so comfortable with their spouse they frequently leave socks, pants and other dirty washing lying around the house.
And 79 per cent think nothing of leaving the toilet seat up after using the bathroom.

Two-thirds of women polled say they never make the effort to dress up and look nice for their partner, and 54 per cent no longer bother plastering on the make-up.

In fact, a slovenly 61 per cent of women readily admit the first thing they do when they get home from work is remove all smart clothes and make-up for comfy pyjamas or tracksuit bottoms. [and I ask: WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT?!?!?]
Forty three per cent of couples haven't had breakfast in bed together since they walked down the aisle. [good. it's cleaner that way.]

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