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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

fat people seriously disgust me

MONTERREY, Mexico (AP) - The world's heaviest man officially tied the knot Sunday in norhten Mexico.

Manuel Uribe married his girlfriend, Claudia Solis. But that didn't mean the fattie needed to get off his, well, fat ass. He hasn't left his bed in six years. Why would this day be any different? A flatbed truck towed his custom-made bed decorated with a canopy, flowers and gold-trimmed bows to a local event hall.

Uribe smiled as his bride walked down a flight of stairs wearing a strapless ivory dress, a tiara and hot-pink lipstick. He later broke into tears as a notary declared the couple husband and wife in a civil ceremony attended by more than 400 guests.

Two years ago, Uribe tipped the scales at 1,230 pounds, earning him the Guinness World Record as the world's heaviest man. He has since shed about 550 pounds with the help of Solis.

The wedding will be featured in an upcoming Discovery Channel documentary, which I won't watch, because I actually will vomit up everything in my confused 135 pound body.



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