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Saturday, August 2, 2008

The most abundant thing on the planet FREE? NO WAY, says US Air.

Starting today, water will no longer be free on US Air's domestic flights.
Charging even more than Fiji at CVS, the crappy airline water will be 2 bucks. Same goes for soda. Cheapskate? Go for the coffee or tea. That's only $1.

Currently, American, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest and Northwest all say they will not charge for drinks [insert looming YET]

Continental - the last hold-out with free meals (maybe I hate them a little less) has no intention of abandoning complimentary drinks, either.

Continental, shockingly the ones that get it, says charging for a soda would detract from passenger comfort. “That’s always been our philosophy, and it’s one that works well with us,” says spokeswoman Julie King. [I would like to remind Julie of my 5 hour late flight that caused me a grueling day in Reagan Intnl at this point]

US Airways says it will provide water and drinks for passengers in cases of medical emergency and during extensive delays. If a desperately thirsty passenger does forget a few extra dollars, US Airways spokesman Morgan Durrant says flight attendants will likely “err on the side of the customer” and give him or her water. After all, the airline wouldn’t want its customers drinking tap water from the aircraft bathroom. Though safe to drink, “Frankly, that’s just not classy,” he says.



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