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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Taking the Law into your own hands:

Rockaway Beach, Queens― Normal day at the Deli.
A roast beef here, a BLT there....
"Mother F***er where's my mayonaise?!?!?"
KNIFE FIGHT. [and caught on film. which i am omitting, for the kids.]

After being asked to leave for an unknown reason, an angry regular pulled his knife on employees.
July 24 a similar incident occured in Brooklyn, when bodega thieves were fought off with a machete and large carving knives, which employees just *happened* to have at the ready behind the counter.
After his arrest, 29 year-old Arno Ortho claimed that "It was only self-defense."
But the stores video cameras show Orno yelling at clerks and spitting in one's face.

Employees attempt to push him out the door with sticks, so naturally...Orno slashes them.

One employee received 22 stitches in the forearm. The store owner, Abdul Allahiben, said the other man is much more seriously injured. Rockaway Deli is a decade-and-counting neighborhood staple.

"All I know is my wounds are deep," Orno explained. It must be truly life-changing, getting pickles instead of hots.



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