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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

kinkajous play with toys, too!

A tiny pet kinkajou - known as a honey bear - has become "inseparable" from a cuddly toy lemur.

Owner Jodie Lynn bought her new exotic pet the £1 toy from a charity shop to keep him company on the trip from England to his new home in Aberdeen.

Young Kito now cuddles it most of the time and also tries to feed it.

Ms Lynn told the BBC Scotland news website: "Kito has settled in really well thanks to the toy lemur. He's got a toy monkey too but doesn't like it."

She bought the 15-week-old kinkajou four weeks ago.

Ms Lynn, who runs Aberdeen's East Coast Exotics pet shop, said: "I just wanted to get him something for his box to keep him company and the lemur stood out.

"Within about an hour he was feeding it and cleaning it.

"They are inseparable."



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