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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Contest: Cake-Eating to the Death!

34-year old Adam Deeley of Brimingham, UK and friends were enjoying themselves at a photo exhibition in Swansea, when things took a turn for the funny.
IMpromptu cake eating competition!!! Brotacular!
But things went wrong when Deeley began to stuff his face with little fairy cakes.
Deeley's friends had four in their mouths. Deeley had to one-up them, and so he ate 5.
But he began to choke, and collapsed to the floor.

said bar manager Daniel Finzelbach:

"They were small, only an inch-and-a-half across but I struggled with four. My friend must have told Adam what we were doing and he put five cakes in his mouth.
"I could see that he was struggling to eat them but then he walked across to the toilets. I thought he wanted to spit them out, I didn't know he was choking at that point.
"I only realised how serious it was a minute or two later when other people ran to help him.

Finzelbach, a former lifeguard, said: "I realised Adam was in trouble as he walked towards the toilets - his body was convulsing.
"There was cake around his mouth and I could hear and see that he was trying to cough. I ran to the toilet and started slapping his back as hard as I could.
"Then I tried the Heimlich manoeuvre but he collapsed on the floor and I called for an ambulance."

Mr Deeley, who was not working that night, had gone to the bar for the opening of an exhibition by a photographer friend.
He was in the third year of his degree and planned to emigrate to New Zealand after graduating.



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