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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Beam It up, Scotty! I want some Yves!

ORLANDO, Fla. -- A mysterious box with an antenna found hidden inside a Wal-Mart was a planted spy camera set up to beam customer credit card numbers to thieves in the parking lot, police said.

Officers evacuated the Wal-Mart store located on Turkey Lake Road near Sand Lake Road Thursday night after someone noticed the box wrapped in black tape near a counter.
The bomb squad was called to the store and no explosives were found.

When officers investigated the box, they found it contained a spy camera set to capture credit card numbers as people used them inside the business.

Deputies said the images were apparently beamed to a van in the store's parking lot.

Deputies said they were not sure if the thieves were able to get anyone's credit card numbers during the time the box was in place.



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