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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Naked in the Woods?

A leading lawyer with the Crown Prosecution Service is offering his services as a nude model while on long-term sick leave for stress.
Clifford Allison, 56, who handles sensitive cases in the organisation's Special Crime Division, has advertised his services as a semi-professional 'erotic' actor on the internet.

The 17-stone married father of three says his work preferences include 'lingerie, glamour, implied nude, adult and topless'.
It is understood he has told them that his doctor regards his work as ' therapeutic' and is helping him recover.

Mr Allison earns about £80,000 a year and advises on complex high-profile prosecutions.

For the first six months of his absence, he was on full pay. In line with CPS policy, his payments were then reduced and Mr Allison has thrown himself into his new line of work - listing his achievements in great detail on the internet.

A former treasurer of the Bar Council, he describes himself as a registered English barrister 'with curly hair looking to diversify with good voice and presence'.
He continues: 'Well-spoken, tall, bespectacled and not traditionally good-looking. I do not restrict myself to any social group.
'I have always wanted to try acting/modelling/voice work and would regret letting the opportunity pass without having a go!
'My appearance is quite "WASP" (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) at present, as required by the day job. That does not however mean that I can only do WASPish things.



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