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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sandwiches.....not healthier than a Big Mac?

They are widely believed to be the healthy alternative to fast food for those eating on the go.
But sandwiches and rolls sold by chains can contain as much salt as 18 bags of chips and 80 per cent more saturated fat than a Big Mac, a British investigation claims today.

Secret filming at a factory making sandwiches for convenience stores and garages from London to Manchester showed rubbish apparently falling into a bucket of fillings and stale pittas taken from a bin to be filled and sent out.
Staff seemingly failed to wash their hands, food was thrown on the floor and the factory had a problem with mice.

Subway's six inch Meatball Marinara contains 4.7g of salt - the equivalent of 11.75 packs of ready salted crisps.

But its 12inch version contains a staggering 7.2g of salt - as much as is found in 18 packs of salted crips and 20 per cent more than an adult should eat in an entire day.

Compare this to the 9g of saturated fat in a Big Mac, and 2.27g of salt.

The Food Standards Agency has been calling on the catering industry to change recipes to cut down on salt and saturated fat. The nation's average daily salt intake is 8.6g - 43per cent above the recommended limit of 6g.
[Wonder that the American is? 4 g. American standards say to limit sat intake to 2.3 grams, WAY lower than 6. So I am confused. But hey, just reportin what I find. Not a scientist. YET.]

High salt intake is linked to high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks.

Which are the worst contributors on your 'wich? Cheese, bacon, ham, butter and mayonnaise



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