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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Police: Robber Complies When Teller Asks Him To Remove Hood

YORK, Pa. -- A bank robber in York County may not have had a problem breaking the law, but it seems he was stickler for following instructions, police said.

Police said Brian Waltermyer, 33, walked into the Integrity Bank in York on Thursday evening. He was wearing a hood. As he approached the teller, carrying a note demanding money, the teller asked him to remove the hood. He did, giving the bank surveillance cameras a crystal-clear view of his face.

Officers who watched the tape recognized Waltermyer and tellers were able to identify him from a photo lineup, police said.
Police arrested Waltermyer on Monday.

"We knew that he was homeless and we knew around what area he might have been staying, and we had some detectives that camped out there. Once they spotted him, they called in the patrol officers and he was taken off the street," said Lt. Ron Comacho.
Waltermyer is now being held on $50,000 bail at the York County Prison.



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