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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Eight-Year-Old Runaway Crashes Grandmother's Car

(Cleveland) - What happens when a driver can barely see over the dashboard? The car will likely crash.

Cleveland Police Lieutenant Thomas Stacho says that's what happened with a one-car accident at West 39th and Mapledale Tuesday morning.

Stacho says an eight-year-old stole his grandmother's car just after 8:00 am with his six-year-old brother with him. Then the eight-year-old ran the car into a utility pole.

The eight-year-old ran away on foot. The six-year-old was stunned by the air bag and was crying at the scene. The young boy was assisted by a nearby homeowner until police arrived.

Stacho says the eight-year-old was located around 11:30am at a nearby relative's house.

Stacho says the children were apparently being placed in foster care beginning Thursday and were trying to run away to avoid that. sad! Poor kids just want to stay with their family!


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