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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Creative Bank Robbery Trick 623

Nicosia, Cyrpus - A hooded man robbed a bank in the Cyprus capital on Friday after breaking in through a window and hiding in the toilet until it's opening.

After rushing out and threatening a chashier and the first morning customers with a gun, the robber escaped with 17,500 euros and 9,300 dollars, officials at the Kaimakli Co-op branch said.

Police said they were investigating why the alarm failed to go off when the man broke in.

"When the branch opened, and as the cashier went to put money in the till, a hooded man approached her from behind and took the money at gunpoint. It seems the alarm did not work," Nicosia deputy police chief Sotiris Kotsikas said.

A member of the public gave chase after seeing what had happened but to no avail, although the fleeing robber did drop his gun which turned out to be a fake.

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