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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Why I could never live in Pennsylvania: beer laws.

Cheers! Stupid beer laws falling off

Though at first glance it seems sweet, it may get a little old a lot fast: in Pennsylvania, you are only allowed to buy a case of beer at a time.
What? THIS is the law? And they wonder about drunk driving. Turns out that after Prohibition, the infamous "they" decided to ban the sale of singles, 6 packs, and 12 packs.
But wait....this is only liquor stores! Want a 6 pack? Roll up to THE BAR! (How does this make sense?)...some people buy a bar license and sell only six-packs, an interesting end run around the law. But there’s a catch there too. You can’t buy more than two six-packs at a time — though if you step out the door, you can step back in and buy two more.
other stupid beer laws:
* Mississippi has a 6 percent cap on alcohol levels in beer, even though the state allows sales of 18 percent fortified wine.
* Utah doesn’t allow private citizens to buy kegs; apparently, they’re considered Weapons of Mass Drunkenness.

states that saw the light:
* Florida did away with its beer-bottle law, which restricted the sale of beer in anything other than 8-, 12-, 16-, or 32-ounce bottles and cans, in 2001 — although the sale of beer in bottles larger than 32 ounces is still not allowed.
* Montgomery, Alabama, now allows the sale of draft beer rather than just beer in cans and bottles.
* South Carolina recently “popped the cap” and now allows beer with more than 6 percent alcohol by volume, though the upper limit is now 17.5 percent.

In Pennsylvania, there’s a bill in the state House that would allow six-pack sales at beer stores and allow bars to sell up to three six-packs. GOOD! The state’s small brewers are all for it; it makes their more expensive beers easier to sample. Even Mothers Against Drunk Driving is in favor of the change, because it lets people buy beer in smaller quantities.
interesting....I wish them luck. Beer is sweet.


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