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Friday, May 11, 2007

what type of w00k have i become?

-Coconut Mango Bar-
-Kind Bar - fruit and nut-
-Original Coconut Bar-
-Coconut Almond Bar-
-Bulk Bulghur Wheat-
-Tofu, X-tra Firm-
-Sheep's Milk Yogurt (two fucking dollars, but so yummy)-
-Aurora Forest Mix (trail mix)-
-Chicken (thank you Kevin Healey, for touching my white meat.....with immaculate amounts of love)-
-Star Ruby Grapfruits (2)-
-White Peaches (3)-
-Satya Nag Champa-
-Seduction Bread.- was this FORTY THREE DOLLARS?!?!?!??
only at whole foods.


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