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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jamiroquai's pimp mobile FUuucked up!

A Suffolk chef has admitted causing an estimated £30,000 damage to a £1m Ferrari belonging to Jamiroquai frontman Jay Kay.

Aaron Billington, 21, of Aldeburgh, admitted causing criminal damage to the Ferrari Enzo outside a hotel in the town where the singer had been staying.

Lowestoft Magistrates' Court heard Billington committed the crime in a "moment of madness" early on Tuesday.
He said he became upset by "offensive" remarks the singer made.

"He later admitted in interview to drinking a bottle of vodka and being drunk prior to the incident.

Mr Barnwell said Billington was seen "using swinging motions with his arms" as he threw stones at the car, shattering the windscreen and smashing the driver's side window.



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