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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

At least one company stays AMERICAN MADE

Eagle Trib- HAVERHILL — Across the nation businesses have been closing their doors, letting employees go and moving operations overseas.

Locally, one maker of fine men's suits is bucking the trend by staying here and investing millions of dollars in new equipment that the company hopes will make it competitive in a global market.

Yesterday, Southwick Clothing, which has been supplying suits to Brooks Brothers since 1948, opened the doors of its new manufacturing plant in Haverhill.

"Last July we were pretty much out of business. Our former owner was running out of funds," Southwick's Chief Operating Officer Joe Antista told city officials yesterday while taking them on a tour of his company's new facility, which moved to Haverhill from Lawrence.

Under new ownership, the Southwick company allowed its 300 employees to keep their jobs.



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