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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Nuclear fall-out. Now only $12.

Bored with the Ritz? Can't stand the staff at the Four Seasons? Looking for change? Good. Now you can stay in a zero-star nuclear bunker.
The Null Stern offers amenities such as:
hot water bottles instead of central heating,
earplugs, so that you can sleep through the night under the loud blast of an old and rickety ventilation system,
complementary slippers - the concrete floors do get cold without heat, in a bunker.
And for only $20 more, you can live in a luxury room, with real beds from real condemned hotels!
picture from the sun. the uk type.

The hotel is located in Sevelen, Switzerland (Near Zurich), and was started as an art project by twins Frank and Patrik Riklin. As interest grew, they decided to keep it open.



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