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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Quotes I like from "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay"

"Mind if I come with you?" Love said. He had recovered from his spasm of mirth, though his pocket handkerchief now contained the evidence of something evil and brown inside him.

He knew about homosexuality, of course, as an idea, without every having really connected it to human emotion; certainly never to any emotion of his own. It had never occured to him that two men, even homosexual men, might kiss in that way. He had assumed, to the degree he had ever permitted himself to give it any thought at all, that the whole thing must be a matter of blow jobs in dark alleyways or the foul practices of love-starved British sailors. But those men with the neckties and mustaches - they had been kissing the way people kissed in the movies, with care and vigor and just a hint of showiness. One fellow had caressed the others cheek.

and for you, Mimsy [And Casey now, too!] Poor little librarians of the world, those girls, secretly lovely, their looks marred forever by the cruelty of a pair of big black eyeglasses!



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