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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mommy, my teddy bear is on FIRE! Oh wait, you're high.

Fire marshals Saturday busted a career criminal who injured 10 people when he started a blaze at a Bronx drug den by setting a stuffed animal on fire, authorities said.

Duane Mims [who is hot b/c you're not], 55, allegedly tore apart the teddy bear and used a lighter to ignite it. The fire spread from the couch to the Highbridge building's stairwell about 1:15 a.m. Thursday.

"The apartment's door was open so the fire raced out the door, up the steps and cut off people's means of escape," said Chief FDNY Fire Marshal Robert Byrnes. "It got bad in a hurry."

Mims, whose rap sheet is plastered with more than 80 prior arrests, escaped the inferno.

Witnesses told fire marshals that several drug users had gathered in the apartment and Mims was convinced that another man owed him $100.

The marshals also found a handwritten note in the apartment that read, "I'm going to burn you out and I mean it." It was signed by Mims, officials said.

Investigators arrested Mims at a homeless shelter in the Bronx Saturday.



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