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Thursday, July 10, 2008

How to NOT get a 2nd date.

By Judy McGuire
The unholy trinity of Photoshop, spell check and the Internet mean that even the most illiterate, personality-deficient, hideous troll can land a first date, much to a lady's disappointment.
• "Forget" your wallet.
• Cry.
• Inappropriate disclosure of the personal kind.
• Inappropriate disclosure of the medical kind.
• Perplexing Puppetry.
• EXcessive EX Talk.

I add: fart a lot. No one wants that. NO ONE.

but actually, is this for real? can people really not figure this out themselves? maybe they don't deserve a second date. or to procreate at all. if you're a troglodyte, you should go the way of need to pass on stupid genes.



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