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Monday, March 10, 2008

Hillary and Bill push idea of Clinton, Obama ticket x3.

Talk about chutzpah! For the third time in a week, the Clintons are pushing the idea of a presidential ticket of Hillary and Barack Obama.

After Hillary twice gave a thumbs up to the idea, Bubba chimed in, saying the duo would be "unstoppable" in the general election. It's the dream team that makes Democratic hearts flutter and brains turn to mush.
It's a dream team all right, as in dream on.

It's a fantasy because, in the Clintons' pitch, naturally, she is on top of the ticket and Obama is her No. 2. That's rich of her, considering that Obama leads in both the delegate race and the popular vote. Forget those pesky voters - Hillary has declared herself the winner!

Cutting him down. It's the same attack she has been using all along, though now it's presented as a compliment. And a generous one, too, because the offer implies she will take him under her wing for eight years…How sweet.

Note that Obama hasn't returned the favor, brushing off joint-ticket talk as premature. Smart man. The only way he should agree to her being his No. 2 is with one condition - he gets to hire a food taster.


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