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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

some articles for your reading pleasure.

The planet is therefore too compact to be made mostly of hydrogen gas, like Jupiter, the researchers say, but not compact enough to be a rocky 'super Earth', as some had speculated. Instead, they believe it must be made mostly of an exotic form of water.. .....exotic form of water?!? What, like Fiji...or Evian? Did you know that water had over a dozen solid forms? Space is fascinating.

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) -- There's a new chirp in the forest but it may be choked by the slashing and burning of trees by coca farmers, researchers said.
The Gorgeted Puffleg, a rare hummingbird that boasts a plumage of violet blue and iridescent green on its throat, has been discovered living in the cloud forests of southwestern Colombia, researchers announced.
...They're called pufflegs.....and are so ugly. GO MEDAIN!


Remember that video of an off-duty cop beating the SHIT out of a female bartender? Yeah, well...he's pleading not guilty. And this after he threatened to plant drugs on the bar owner's employees to keep the surveilance tape under wraps. To steal a FARK-ism...ASSHAT.

Where's the American media on this one? China launches Nigerian Satellite.
I can't believe that CHINA beat GOOGLE to this...internet in Africa!!!

I sang into my hairbrush.....Rudy pretended to be president....does this mean I'm the next Jessica Simpson?

Pakistani asshole has a message for the's branded on his leg. My question is - if you are a suicide bomber, and you kill dozens of people, how do you ensure that your leg remains intact?

other highlights....Riots in Buenos Aires because the train was late.

Ms. Clinton 13 pts. above Obama in most recent polls.

and here's a is it that every candidate can win every debate? (Got emails from Giuliani, Romney, and McCain...all touting their success as the clear victor last night.) Something just doesn't add up, here.

Too much fighting in Palestine....Hamas v. Fatah, taken to the streets....Israel attacks both of them. This is good NOT.

Inevitably, Giuliani will split the Republican party....which will give the Dems more votes, will make me smile, and will get my favorite little infidel back in his cozy spot in the hall with a cigar.

Final fleeting thought (coincidentally, my trivia team's name last night) TAMMY FAYE IS NEXT. (we lost. hard.)


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